Primary Objectives Of The "Holder Reward Ecosystem"

1. Generating long-term value for the project

Through the marketing implementation of the "Holder Reward Ecosystem", we hope to build a very strong community that is needed for our upcoming NFT projects. Also, with our strong community, we hope to strengthen the project financially and benefit the community by creating more utilities in the long run.

2. Strengthening the $NinjaPepe toke and NinjaPepe NFT

By implementing the "Holder Reward Ecosystem"'s marketing system, creating unlimited demand, and strengthening the NinjaPepe token and NinjaPepe NFT by volume and increasing their value.

3. Providing good returns to investors

By implementing the marketing strategy of the "Holder Reward Ecosystem", generating volume regularly, and increasing the funds of the prize pool, providing interesting returns to the investors

4. Generating long-term returns for the NinjaPepe Team

Even though we sacrificed our revenue at the beginning as a team to implement the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" to strengthen the project and the community. NinjaPepe is a long-term project, and we strongly believe that we will be able to benefit from it in the long run.
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