NinjaPepe- Warrior Pepe Avatar

NinjaPepe is the genesis NFT collection of team NinjaPepe. NinjaPepe is an NFT collection of 4800 Worrier Pepe Avatars that feature profile pictures of high-quality 3D frog-based characters with unique traits of PNG pictures built on Ethereum Blockchain that are procedurally generated by an advanced AI tool.
Owners of NinjaPepe NFTs and $NinjaPepe tokens are considered members of the NinjaPepe Club and gain access to exclusive utilities and perks such as future NFTs airdrops, staking rewards, members-only future events, and access to limited edition merchandise.
NinjaPepe NFT is not just any PNG NFT project. Our vision is to push the technology boundary of decentralized blockchain and NFT by building a Metaverse called MetaPepes, in which owners of NinjaPepe NFT Avatars can interact with one another in a Virtual Reality world, transact with $NinjaPepe Tokens as a currency, get rewarded through Metaverse utilities for contributing to the Metaverse by holding NinjaPepe NFTs. The possibilities are endless in the MetaPepes Metaverse. Each NinjaPepe NFT is a key allowing the holders to enter the Metaverse we are building.
NinjaPepe team together found the most affecting reward system as fuel to boost the values of all project`s products and the community simultaneously. Our strong royal community will benefit from our own Holder Reward Ecosystem continuously ahead. All details about our new reward system will be introduced later in this whitepaper in detail.
The core concept of the NinjaPepe team is to make NFTs and digital collectibles accessible to everyone. We want to merge the future of technology, and artwork, into one idea. We aim to build a strong community with knowledge about the space who are willing to support the project from day one, without tedious grinding or invitation competitions, all following the same ideal that generates value for the project’s holders. A major pillar of the project is the artwork. The idea to bring fresh ideas into the NFT space drove us to do extensive research and implementation to create what you are seeing today. As a pioneering project in the NFT space, you’ll sometimes find barriers and the NinjaPepe team has enough audacity to break those barriers.