NinjaPepe NFT

NinjaPepe NFT is the genesis NFT collection of NinjaPepe Team and it's a deflationary NFT collection. The trading taxes of NinjaPepe NFT are a primary key player in funding the prize pool of our most effective reward system called the "Holder Reward Ecosystem".
Other key features are to use as the key to participate in holders-only events and to enter the MetaPepes Metaverse & Play-To-Earn Games we would build in the future.
In order to prevent the NinjaPepe NFT from being devaluation and to raise the price of the NinjaPepe NFT over time, we use the most effective marketing strategy in the business which is social media marketing via the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" and a 10% Creator Fee will be allocated to buy back the most common NinjaPepe NFTs from the market and burn monthly to make common NinjaPepe NFTs rarer to have an effective demand for the NinjaPepe NFT.

Collection Artwork & Traits

To diversify the NinjaPepe Genesis NFT collection and make each piece of intricate artwork stylish and attractive, this set of 4800 NFTs contains a variety of different traits. Our designer has spent months creating each trait, and each trait went through a rigorous selection process by our team to ultimately make the final collection.