How It Works ?

Holder Reward Ecosystem will be implemented by sacrificing 60% of the 7.5% creator fee of the NinjaPepe NFT trading volume from OpenSea and other markets as the fuel for the "Holder Reward Ecosystem".
There must be continuous trading volume for both the NinjaPepe NFT and the $NinjaPepe token market for the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" to be funded to reward the winners of the competitions. So as smart community members, you would spot that there must be a marketing strategy to be in action to gain that continuous trading volume to both NinjaPepe NFT and $NinjaPepe token markets.
That's where the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" must be packed with all the necessary components. The "Holder Reward Ecosystem" has been interconnected with these components of funding and marketing.
"Holder Reward Ecosystem" has one of the most effective marketing methods in the crypto and NFT industry is social media marketing which is done by the "Holder Reward Ecosystem"'s competition participants while participating in the competition. Simply $NinjaPepe token and NFT holders will participate by sharing the marketing post we provide as a competition's rule on social media to qualify for the competitions.