$NinjaPepe Token

The role of money is not deniable in building a real digital economy. The NinjaPepe team decided to introduce its native utility token $NinjaPepe while we have reserved 15% of the max supply for ecosystem development & $NinjaPepe token & $NinjaPepe NFT holder reward with a Cliff and Token vesting.
One of our dominant concerns in using the $NinjaPepe token is to fund the project's product development as future NFT collection creation, Play-to-Earn games, and Figments metaverse development in the future.
Other key features are to use as the primary payment currency on MetaPepes Metaverse and the $NinjaPepe Token also has a governance token function that the owner can also hold or participate in staking to have the right to vote on important decisions in NinjaPepe Club and be rewarded with our reward token and NFTs which will launch in the future.
In order to prevent the $NinjaPepe Token from being devaluation and to raise the price of the $NinjaPepe Token over time, we use the most effective marketing strategy in the business which is social media marketing via the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" to have an effective demand for the $NinjaPepe Token.