Holder Reward Ecosystem

The investor consistently invests in existing or new projects for a hike of their initial investment in return by believing in the idea of the project and utilities. We also strongly believe that as the project party, we should add value to the hard-earned funds of the investor by managing them carefully and smartly while effectively giving the investor a strong return.
Most blockchain projects nowadays have one or more utilities and perks to reward investors more than what they funded for the projects to run. Some of them are Staking Rewards, Play-To-Earn games, Metaverse Activities, Yield Farming, Liquidity Mining Rewards, Airdrops, Bounty Programs, etc.
As of our knowledge, free tokens from these reward systems slowly destroy the actual value of their native token, and investors suffer from the devaluation of their initial investment even though these reward systems give passive incomes to their investors.
On the other hand, these reward systems are the best in the business when it comes to utilities and perks as long as the project is well prepared for making their coin or token strong in trading volume by listing in tie 1 Crypto exchangers and building a very strong community with the best product in the business what makes people think that the project will have a very good value in longer terms.
No doubt that there are plenty of projects in the game with very strong use cases while already on high-volume exchangers who implement those reward systems very well. Those projects are financially very strong and have a good vision and a product to add value to the business in an effective way.
As a newly built NFT project with a utility Token, We decided not to implement any of those reward systems early stage of the project to defend the native token $NinjaPepe being devaluation by free tokens to protect our early investors. Hence we came up with our own most effective but very simple to implement and understand reward system called Holder Reward Ecosystem.
Holder Reward Ecosystem will be implemented by sacrificing creator fees from our native NFTs and rewarding our community who hold an NFT and an NFT value worth $NinjaPepe tokens.
By implementing the Holder Reward Ecosystem, our main objective is to build the wealthiest and strongest community ever built in the NFT space. The existing members and newcomers will provide mighty trading volume to both $NinjaPepe Token and NinjaPepe NFT markets constantly by participating in the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" competition because the Holder Reward Ecosystem will generate a massive prize pool over time when the trading volume goes up on both markets.
When we feel that our $NinjaPepe token trading volume is strong enough to distribute free tokens to our loyal holders of both Token and NFTs, we will build the Staking System, Play-To-Earn Games, MetaPepes Metaverse, and more in the future.