Once the $NinjaPepe token and NinjaPepe NFT are ready for the public to trade after sales end. There will be so much volume in both markets in hours, meaning thousands of dollars for the "Holder Reward Ecosystem"`s first competition. We are initially implementing the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" for only 200 winners from 4800 NinjaPepe NFT and $Ninjapepe Token holders.
Let's assume that our first competition has a $30000 prize pool to be distributed among each winner. That means 30000÷200 = $150 will be rewarded for each of the 200 winners.
The interesting fact is that there will be a maximum of 4800 participants in the game according to the 4800 limited supply of NinjaPepe NFTs. All these 4800 participants must share the marketing post of the competition on social media by spreading about the competition and the bullish idea behind the project.
The outcome of the "Holder Reward Ecosystem"'s marketing strategy will make a huge demand for $NinjaPepe token and NinjaPepe NFT over time when the prize pool of the "Holder Reward Ecosystem" increase in funds because of the volume generated by newcomers for both markets. Because the continued demand for both $NinjaPepe token and NinjaPepe NFT will also increase their value rapidly over time.
  • Let's write a scenario to understand

Let's assume that the first competition opens for holders of NinjaPepe NFT and $NinjaPepe token and all 4800 holders will share the marketing post on social media and bring more 4800 new members to the community for our next competition and all existing and new members compete with each other to buy both NinjaPepe NFT and $NinjaPepe token to participate for the next competition.
Because there will be only 4800 NinjaPepe NFTs on the market meaning only 4800 spots there to be eligible for the competition, demand will be very high for both the NinjaPepe NFT and $NinjaPepe tokens because there will not be enough NinjaPepe NFT supply to grab for existing community members and newcomers. That means both NinjaPepe NFT and $NinjaPepe token values will skyrocket with few "Holder Reward Ecosystem" competitions.